Hi, I'm Kesiena!

A senior product designer and researcher currently leading product design for Geotab’s electric vehicle telematics product suite.

Having worked through various aspects of the design process, from rough ideas through to product launch and beyond, I consider myself a design generalist

However, if we were to go the way of the Marie Kondo, I’d say interaction design brings me the most joy!

Up first: Portfolio

Because hey, isn’t that why we’re all gathered here today?

Product Design for B2B Vehicle Telematics Web App

UX Research to Increase User Adoption and Engagement

Usability Improvement for Transportation Mobile App

UX Research into Online Learning Habits of Millennials

More About Me

Don’t worry, I’ll keep it short

I have both a technical and design background, which gives me a well-rounded perspective on solving problems in the digital space.

I'm passionate about design education and mentor early-career designers through DesignLab.

I design to solve meaningful problems and make the lives of people better and happier, even if only in small ways.