Hello, I‘m Kesiena!

I’m and end-to-end product designer who drives projects from conception to pixel-perfect delivery. My work spans consumer and SaaS fintech, enterprise admin tools, automotive, aviation, developer experience, design systems and more.


B2B | zero-to-one | EV telematics

EV Suitability Assessment

Helping commercial vehicle fleets make the transition to electric vehicles.

Consumer | Redesign | Fintech


Improving the vehicle insurance shopping experience.

B2B | Redesign | Aviation

Business and General Aviation

Flight planning, routing and monitoring for pilots and flight dispatchers.

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Career Highlights

At Fortune 100 company, World Fuel Services, I led the design of core flights and trip functionality on their Business and General Aviation (BGA) platform. My work greatly improved efficiency for flight dispatchers in airline charter companies with managing aspects of their daily operations including flight planning, routing and fuel purchases.

As founding designer at global electric vehicle telematics company Geotab Energy, I led the end-to-end design of a new B2B product to help commercial vehicle fleets determine the viability of electric vehicles for the fleets. My work facilitated major customer acquisitions in Europe.

At consumer fintech, NerdWallet, I redesigned an existing auto insurance product that helps users find, compare, and decide on the best vehicle insurance that meets their needs. My work led to a 60% increase in conversion.

Reach out if you want to create impactful experiences together.

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